15 Day PIYO Update

May 19, 2015 • Notes from a Working Mom

Beachbody with Mediterranean Baby 2Well, I am 15 days into my PIYO program with Beachbody.  My coach, Jenn, has been fabulous at encouraging and inspiring me to stay on track.  With the help of a private Facebook group led by Jenn, I am able to find support from other Beachbody challengers.

I have been sharing some of my healthy recipes there and others share tips, motivation, and recipies, too.  It’s a great space to post workouts and milestones with others working just as hard as you!

PIYO15DAYSMediterraneanBabyOverall, I love the workouts and love that they all vary in duration.  For example, one workout may be 20 minutes long while another may be 38 minutes long.  Beachbody also provides a simple calendar to follow that dictates which workout to do on which days during the 60 day period.

So far so good, too!!  In 15 days, I lost 7 1/2 inches!!!  Woohoo!!  I’m fitting into clothes I couldn’t wear just a few days ago and I am encouraged to keep it up.  At the same time, I haven’t lost any weight, but Jenn assures me that’s normal.  Hopefully, I’ll start shedding the pounds soon.

I’ll be checking in at my 30 day mark!

If you’re interested in PIYO or any of the Beachbody programs, please contact Jenn here.

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One Response to 15 Day PIYO Update

  1. Jenn says:

    AMAZING!! Way to go girl!! You look great!!

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