Crested Duck Charcuterie w/Giant Eagle Market District

March 26, 2014 • Friends of Mediterranean Baby, Meat, Mediternean Baby in the News

crested duck mediterraneanbaby-5A few weeks ago, I was invited by our friends at Market District to attend a tasting event at their Robinson location with the Crested Duck Charcuterie.  Firstly, let’s talk about how to actually pronounce “charcuterie” and what is means…Charcuterie is of French origin and is pronounced shär-kü-tə-ˈrē.   It is a delicatessen of sorts, specializing in prepared meats.  Specifically, this branch of cooking was originally intended as a way to preserve meat before the days of refrigeration.  crested duck mediterraneanbaby-7Simply put, we’re talking about cured meats here!! Whew!

Market DistrictlogoIt is a real treat for us Pittsburghers to have such high quality, fresh, farm raised meats hand crafted and cured locally.  I have not traditionally been a cured meat aficionado, but Chef Kevin Costa certainly changed my mind.  Specifically, Market District offered six different varieties at the sampling event.  The menu included three selections that are exclusive to Market District, namely California Dreaming, Limoncello Salami, and Coppa Barista .  They are each available at the four local Market Districts: Shadyside, Pine, Robinson, and South Hills.

crested duck mediterraneanbaby-6My personal favorite was the Limoncello Salami, a pork salami with lemon, basil, and anise.  The collective favorite of the group seemed to be the Dirty Martini Salami, which was half lamb, half port salami with juniper.  (That was definitely my second favorite.)  Market District was kind enough to send me home with some of the Dirty Martini Salami, which my husband LOVED!!  I am pretty convinced he could live on cured meats and cheese, so his endorsement comes from a well seasoned palate :)

crested duck mediterraneanbaby-3All of the meats were paired with a beer selection as well.  Out of all of the selections, I LOVED the Dogfish Positive Contact.

It’s a combination of Fuji cider, slow roasted faro, a bit of cayenne and fresh cilantro.  WOW!!

crested duck mediterraneanbaby-4I also had a chance to meet fellow blogger Lindsay, from Confessions of a Human Vacuum, who was a delight.  The team at Market District is so committed to an excellent guest experience and it certainly shows!  Thank you Becky, Karina, Cameron, Pete, and everyone else who made the event so enjoyable.

For a calendar of more Market District tasting events, please visit their site HERE>

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3 Responses to Crested Duck Charcuterie w/Giant Eagle Market District

  1. Jim Costas says:

    Should the Dirty Martini salami be included with the three items mentioned (i.e., California Dreaming, Limoncello Salami, and Coppa Barista) for being exclusive to Market District? Also, are those items sold under the Creasted Duck label, or as a store brand? Thanks!

  2. Val O. says:

    Just wondering if these meats were salt cured or sodium nitrite cured.

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