DIY Kids’ Table Runners

September 29, 2015 • Babies, Toddlers & Kids, Holiday, Party Ideas, Uncategorized

2015 Fall Finds Mediterraneanbaby (11 of 11)Whether it’s for your kitchen table, a coffee table, or your kids’ activity table, you won’t believe how easy it is to make seasonal runners for your kids to enjoy.

At our house, we have a Pottery Barn kids activity table where our little ones eat, play, and work on projects. (If you don’t have one of these…I highly recommend them!) Our activity table also happens to be located right in the middle of our great room, between the kitchen and our living space. Although it’s a kids’ space, I’m always trying to make it fit in with the rest of the room. (This year, my cousin and uncle refinished it for me and I repainted the chairs. There are no rules there people!)

I also spruce up the space with personalized chair backers from Pottery Barn. Still, by the time you personalize them, you’re looking to spend between $25.00 and $32.00, plus shipping, per backer, and the list of holidays are endless. Bottom line…it can get very pricey!

On the other hand, these runners cost a fraction of the price, take ten minutes to make, and will make your kids table feel festive. This is something that even a non-crafty mom like me can make!

Here’s how to make them:

2015 Fall Finds Mediterraneanbaby (6 of 11)1. Go to your local fabric store. I prefer Jo Ann Fabrics and they usually have great online coupons that you can pull up on your smartphone at checkout.

2. Pick your fun, festive fabric. Be sure it’s not too thick, felt, or heavy. You want a thin, easy to cut and fold fabric.

3. Take it to the cutting counter and ask for a yard and a half.

4. Do yourself a favor and buy a good pair of scissors. (When you get home, don’t use them for anything else. You’ll thank me later. There’s nothing worse than trying to cut fabric with a dull pair of scissors.)

2015 Fall Finds Mediterraneanbaby (7 of 11)5. Pick up your fabric glue. I love Fabri-Tac. It’s so simple to use, adheres very well, and very quickly.

6. When you get home, place your fabric on your table and decide how wide you’d like your runner to be. Cut your fabric, lengthwise, roughly two inches wider than your desired length.

7. Squeeze your fabric glue near the edge of your fabric and fold the edge over as you go. I like to glue and seal my long edges first and them glue and seal the shorter ends like I’m wrapping a present. There’s no wrong way to do this…you just want it nice and neat.

8. That’s it! Your done. You can place it right on the activity table and even top it with a little kids’ centerpiece.

Have fun!!!

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