Mediterranean Baby Cooks for Family House in Shadyside

December 10, 2013 • Mediternean Baby in the News

Family House and Mediterranean Baby (2)The holiday season has a way to inspire the best in all of us. It reminds us of our many blessings and also reminds us of those who could benefit from the kindness of strangers. Last Sunday, Mediterranean Baby hosted a traditional Sunday dinner for the patients and families at Family House in Shadyside.   Family House provides a special “home away from home” for patients and/or their families who are in Pittsburgh for treatment of serious or life threatening illnesses.

Family House and Mediterranean Baby (1)By offering convenient, affordable housing in a home-like environment through a network of support, comfort and compassion, it reduces the emotional and financial stress for people facing a desperate medical crisis in a city where they may be strangers.  Family House opened its doors to patients and their families in 1983, providing them with comfortable, affordable surroundings while they underwent specialized hospital treatment at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), the Western Pennsylvania Hospital , and other hospitals in the Pittsburgh area. Mediterranean Baby was honored to serve a meal from our hearts to the Family House guests.

Family House and Mediterranean Baby (11)As an aside, I had the honor of volunteering at Family House a few years ago when I lived in the city.  I spent many evenings at the House greeting guests and escorting them to their suites with a lovely volunteer named Faye.  To my great surprise, Faye was working the front desk when we arrived on Sunday and it was wonderful to see her again.  It just goes to show, Family House is truly a “family” and I am humbled by the hearts of so many who support its mission.

Family House and Mediterranean Baby (5)

Thank you to our friends at Giant Eagle  for their $100.00 donation in Giant Eagle gift cards to help supply us with fresh, quality ingredients.  Also, thank you to my dear friend, Jimmy Sunseri, who donated 15 loaves of fresh Italian bread for the meal from Jimmy and Nino’s Trattoria in the Strip.  Talk about local collaboration!! Pittsburgh is such a wonderful city!

Family House and Mediterranean Baby (3)

Special thanks to Cathy Lobaugh, Connie Skezas, Athena, Billy, & Eli Baglio, Jen and Eric Ridgley, Frank J. Ziccarelli, and Frank-John Ziccarelli for giving of your time and/or resources to participate in this wonderful holiday meal for the patients and families of Family House Shadyside.

I received the following message
Family House and Mediterranean Baby (12)from one of the guests after our meal:

“Hi Nicole,

Just a note of sincere thanks for the wonderful dinner at

Shadyside family house tonight. Really hit the spot!!!!!!
I’m here on day 4 of an extended hospital stay for my wife.
We are from Virginia. She is recuperating from serious surgery,
and I’m care taking, etc. meant so much to me tonight, to not
Family House and Mediterranean Baby (10)have a frozen dinner…or a bowl of cereal. You made my night
and our situation a whole lot brighter. Please share my thoughts
and thanks with you family, and friends who helped. I’m a school
teacher and youth leader in my church, and it was evident and
awesome that the kids were all involved in this service, mission opportunity. Wow….GREAT!

May you all have a wonderful holiday, and a blessed Christmas.
AND a HAPPY 2014!!!

Family House and Mediterranean Baby (6)God Bless”

Please feel free to contact Julia Homa at to learn more about volunteering at the House or contributing financially.


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3 Responses to Mediterranean Baby Cooks for Family House in Shadyside

  1. Adama says:

    Wow! This is an inspiring post. I love community service and reading this had inspired me. I absolutely loved reading this and it is so wonderful and kind of you to serve the community. Great job.

  2. Cara says:

    How wonderful! So proud of you!!

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