Nail Polish, Bugs and Permanent Markers…

March 6, 2015 • Notes from a Working Mom

The following events took place within 90 minutes…

After a long day at the office, drafting a marriage settlement agreement, a few deeds, and a complaint in divorce for a myriad of clients, I returned home to the welcoming giggles, hugs, and smiles of my three little loves.  Unfortunately, I just don’t have the same level of energy to run around with them these days as baby no. 4 is due any day now and pre-labor contractions abound.  That being said, I keep trying to find activities away from the TV that gets us talking, sharing, and laughing together.

Nail Polish bugs and permanent markers mediterranean baby-2

Thankfully, our new Sesame Street magazine had arrived in the mail, so we all had fun flipping through the pages, reading, tracing shapes, and finding hidden objects in the pictures.  (This is a great subscription/gift for toddlers and little ones.)

Since all three of them needed their nails clipped, I thought I’d start off the evening festivities with manicures and pedicures for the girls and a quick tending to for my little man.  We all headed to my dressing area where my girls frequently sit on my granite counter as I cut, buff, and paint their nails and tootsies.  They each get to pick their colors which usually consist of hot pink and silver sparkles for one of the twins and Frozen inspired blue and silver sparkles for the other.  Everything was going swimmingly – – the girls were finished and patiently allowing their nails to finish drying (this has taken much practice, but they are also natural princesses).   

At that point, I went looking for my son, who usually takes the quiet time away from his sisters to read his books in peace!  It turns out that he was hiding as getting his nails clipped is his least favorite grooming practice.  After racing around the house (as much as possible) looking and calling for him, and after yet another lecture about how he MUST answer me when I’m calling for him, I waddled back to my dressing area with him in tow and clipped his nails.   

Mistakenly, I thought, why not quickly pain my own nails?  Ha!  What was I thinking??  I proceeded to paint my nails as the four of us sang bath time songs and even made up a little silly song for daddy.  Unfortunately, we were interrupted by a lady bug of all things!!  It landed in my daughter’s hair, which threw her into a tailspin, which caused my other daughter to run off crying, which intrigued my son who intently studied the bug as it was swatted and landed on the floor by his feet.   

As we regrouped, my son and one of the twins started to discuss the lady bug and its legend of bringing good luck and wishes.  Moments later, my other twin came bounding around the corner with a green sharpie in her hand.   As I looked at her, I noticed that her hands were covered in green sharpie.  I took a deep breath and asked her what she was doing with a marker.  Immediately, she burst into tears (a very common occurrence for our little drama queen) and told me she was drawing on the walls!! 

Nail Polish bugs and permanent markers mediterranean baby
As I walked out of my dressing area, through the master bedroom, I braced myself for what I was going to find.  Sure enough…she thoroughly painted the ivory hallway in swirls and streaks of green sharpie.  She also removed her diaper and left a puddle at the end of the hallway on the hardwood floors.  (Incidentally, she is the only one of the three not potty trained and continues to tell us she is still a baby – – we are no doubt going to have a tough time with this one and the new baby.)

At this point, my nails, still wet, were thoroughly smudged (my fault for thinking I could paint them), the sharpie culprit was still crying, and my son and other daughter stood  in shock over the green streaks on the walls.  Their shock quickly turned into them jumping over the puddle at the end of the hallway, which quickly reminded me that my potty rebel was diaperless and emotional…bad combo!  As I didn’t want to get red nail polish on her, I turned to my other two little ones, instructing them to grab a diaper.  They quickly obliged, thrilled that they were helping mommy and not in trouble, and returned to my bedroom with new diaper in hand.  As I removed the bright red nail polish from my nails, if you can believe this, my four year old and one of my two year olds actually listened to my step by step instructions and diapered their sister!!!!

Clean up of the hallway ensued (thank you Mr. Clean magic eraser), everyone regrouped and we all moved on to dinner preparation, baths, and bedtime routines.  Whew!  Thank goodness daddy came home and took over so I could put my feet up and head to bed, finally able to pay attention to my contractions and take note of their timing.  No baby yet, but we have to be close!!!! For now, I can happily, sleepily say, we made it through another day!

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  1. Linda Kistler says:

    Oh my….what 90 min….you are a wonderful Mom I’m so proud of you….

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