How to Create a Gender Neutral Nursery

February 24, 2015 • Babies, Toddlers & Kids, Notes from the Nursery

gender-neutral-Nursery_mediterranean-babyIf you’re waiting, as I am, for the doctor to announce at delivery whether it’s a boy or a girl, then this post is for you.

The best thing you can do when creating a gender neutral nursery, is to keep it simple.  Keep your color palate simple as well as your decor.  That way, when baby does arrive, you can add more gender specific colors after you welcome baby home.

gender neutral mediterranean baby-3At our home, the nursery is conveniently located next to our master bedroom.  It was painted blue in preparation for our son’s arrival and pink when we were expecting the twins.  (Well, it was first painted purple for the girls and I hated it…so my husband repainted it pink…we’ve all been there, right??)  In any event, this time we got even smarter and had the room painted by a professional and in a neutral, soft gray.  I absolutely love it.

The accents are gold and silver accessories, i.e. the lamp, the hardware on the furniture, a little glitz on the rocker pillow, and the window dressings.  We also decided on white furniture, which compliments the gray perfectly.  We hung a white chandelier and added a white dust ruffle to the crib, which works for boy or girl.  This time, I purchased the crib bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, which makes it very easy to search for gender neutral patterns and usually has a ton of patterns on sale.

gender neutral mediterranean baby-4As for the window treatments, I purchased a sturdy brushed nickle curtain rod from JCPenney, which I always recommend when purchasing a rod.  If you go with a less expensive brand, you may wind up with missing hardware when you get home or worse, not even using it because it’s too flimsy.  Spending more for Restoration Hardware, etc. is simply not necessary.  I also found lovely gray sheers on sale there as well and found a gorgeous gender neutral mediterranean baby-6champagne silk, crepe-style curtain which I draped across the top of the rod at TJMaxx.  Voila!!

I purchased a thick, plush gray carpet remnant to go over just enough of the hardwood floors from my dear friend Damien at Robert’s Carpets in Springdale.  Damien has the most lovely flooring and sometimes you can get lucky with a high end remnant left over from another job that simply needs to be bound.  As an aside, so many of you have commented on the wool rug photographed in some of my other posts with the Greek key around the border.  That was from Robert’s Carpets as well, as is everything in our home from our custom runners to our white shag area rug in our master. I highly recommend Robert’s for anything you might need.  Damien is wonderful to work with and has a seasoned eye to help you in your decision making.  They have every type of flooring you could imagine from carpets to hardwood to cork, bamboo, porcelain, etc.

gender neutral mediterranean baby-7As for the rocking chair, after many other versions of gliders and rockers, I have to say, this is the best style for its purpose.  First of all, it is plush and comfy in case you crash in the nursery (which will happen and can only happen comfortably in a comfy chair).  Secondly, we had it custom embroidered with a simple, subtle alphabet pattern.  And thirdly, it is motorized!!  Trust me, this is a great investment for your nursery.  With a little push of a button, you can easily recline and get your feet up without disturbing baby.  For what it lacks in fashion, it makes up for in function.  As an added bonus, this chair is perfect for my Yiayia to sleep in when she visits.  She has a tough time getting up an down from low beds and chairs and this is perfect if you have an elderly relative spending some time at your home when baby arrives.  You can always move it to another room temporarily :)

My take on furniture…don’t spend the big money on expensive brands!!!  Your kids are going to beat it up and scratch it and perhaps even cover it in stickers when you’re in the shower.  If you want to replace it later on, so be it, but you can find safe, quality furniture for a reasonable price, if you think outside of the box.  We have had tremendous success with the Savannah brand, sold via JCPenney furniture.  It is very reasonably priced and well made.  Particularly, if you’re going with the conversion crib/bed scenario…I highly recommend their sets.  This time around, however, we used one of the twins’ cribs and refurbished/painted a dresser and a nightstand from a relative who no longer needed them.  It worked out great and we were able to spend our money more efficiently on the other needs of the room.

I hung a canvas of me expecting the baby flanked with some simple sconces, for a very personal touch.  I also found lovely distressed wood frames with phrases we already share in our family from Homegoods.  I am sure I’ll be adding pink or blue touches eventually, but for now, it’s ready for baby’s arrival.

Overall, I love how the nursery has turned out for baby no. 4 and can’t wait to see him or her sleeping in the crib.  It should be any day now!

  • gender neutral mediterranean baby-7
    gender neutral mediterranean baby-7
  • gender neutral mediterranean baby
    gender neutral mediterranean baby
  • gender neutral mediterranean baby-3
    gender neutral mediterranean baby-3
  • gender neutral mediterranean baby-6
    gender neutral mediterranean baby-6
  • gender neutral mediterranean baby-5
    gender neutral mediterranean baby-5
  • gender neutral mediterranean baby-4
    gender neutral mediterranean baby-4
  • gender neutral mediterranean baby-2 (1)
    gender neutral mediterranean baby-2 (1)

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