The First Trimester

December 30, 2014 • Notes from a Working Mom, Notes from the Nursery, Pregnancy

First-Trimester-Mediterranean-BabyIt’s amazing what I do and don’t remember from each pregnancy.

Although this baby will be my fourth, it’s only my third pregnancy. (The last time I was pregnant, I was carrying twins.) That being said, here are my thoughts on the first trimester.

1. Resist the urge to take a pregnancy test too early. Once it’s the right time, take the test. That way, you won’t drive yourself crazy with the “what ifs.”

2. Once you know you’re pregnant, enjoy the dizzying, amazing feeling of becoming a mommy!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now it’s time to change the way you’re eating and drinking! During this pregnancy, I completely lost the taste for wine (my favorite spirit), so I haven’t missed it one bit. Instead, it’s been toughest for me to reduce caffeine, particularly coffee. I haven’t totally deprived myself of that hot, steaming, mug first thing in the morning, but I have significantly decreased it to one cup. I also have switched to brewing Maxwell House’s half-caffeine roast. I can’t even tell!! (I’m sure my caffeine addicted husband can tell, but God love him, he hasn’t said a word.)

3. You’re going to be VERY hungry. And when you want something to eat, you want it badly and immediately! My appetite seems to double, if not triple, as soon as I realize that I’m pregnant. There is always a battle between two little voices in my head. One thinks I can maintain a lean pregnancy weight and avoid cravings. The other wants me to enjoy every craving and then some. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle. What I find most amusing is my husband’s appetite. He LOVES the idea that he can blame late night snacking on my pregnancy. It’s commonplace to find him sneaking prosciutto, cheese, and bread in the kitchen, only to come in the bedroom, see a pizza commercial, convince me that I wanted some, and head out at 10 p.m. to find some for “me.” Trust me, we share endless laughs about our eating habits during my pregnancies. I hope you can, too!!


4. Stay hydrated. My go-to drink is Pellegrino as I am not a huge water drinker. It’s light, fizzy (which helps the tummy), and keeps me drinking. The downside is that all of my kiddos LOVE it, too, so we go through those expensive cases like crazy. Pellegrino is also great to order when you’re out to eat. With a lemon, lime, or orange slice, it helps you feel like you’re enjoying something special.


5. You need a fabulous sports bra. By week seven, be sure you have a comfortable, supportive sports bra to wear during the day and night. It will be the best money spent when you’re trying to get comfy at night and search for appropriate coverage during the day. For my money, the BEST pregnancy bra is The Ultimate by Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra. It is full coverage, lined, and can even be used post pregnancy for nursing as the straps easily detach in the front, just like nursing bras. I have accumulated many of these!!

6. Morning sickness doesn’t necessarily happen in the morning. Nausea can hit you at any moment. For me, the evenings were the worst, particularly between 5 p.m. and the time went to bed. Throwing up and feeling exhausted was the name of the game with my third first trimester. I was never sick at all with my other pregnancies, so it just goes to show you that every pregnancy is different.

7. It can be an emotional roller coaster. Everything about your body is changing and you are growing a person in that tummy! It’s bound to make your hormones go a bit haywire while you experience every human emotion from elation to frustration to outright fear of the unknown. Just try and take it easy on yourself and let your partner understand that you get it, but you can’t help it. The good news is that it’s less so with subsequent pregnancies. (I’ve confirmed this with my husband.) Either that, or you just understand what’s going on a little better.

8. Get your feet up and try to rest when you can. This is especially true if this is your first pregnancy. After all, it will be the last time you’re able to do so! After baby arrives, you’ll be very busy and you won’t be able to slow down during subsequent pregnancies. You aren’t showing weakness if you need to rest, you’re just taking care of mommy and baby… it’s just the beginning of you putting baby first and forgetting about your to-do list. Don’t worry; the second trimester will be soon to follow with a likely boost in energy and a decrease of nausea!!

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