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What is an Imagination Station? It’s a concept I created to promote hands-on learning and fun for my little ones.  It’s a customized dream factory that YOU can create for your kids, too!   It can be filled with crayons and yarn and googly eyes, stickers, stampers, and pom poms.  You name it, and it can go in your Imagination Station.  Of course you’ll need some scissors and glue, too…perhaps even some patterned tape.  I have made many of these over the past year and I’ve never met a kid who didn’t love it!


The concept for the Imagination Station is simple in nature and execution.  Just purchase a craft bin of any shape and size and start loading it up with goodies.  Each Station can range in price from as low as $35.00 to $100.00 or more.  You determine how much you’d like to spend and then fill your bin!

Most importantly, the Imagination Station is a place where kids can design and create with endless possibilities.


I always customize the tops of the Stations by hot gluing hand painted letters or pre-painted wooden decals to reflect the kiddo’s tastes and interests.  This is where you can put your heart into the gift! For example, I adhered a pirate ship, butterfly, and princess castle to the top of the first Imagine Station I ever made for my kids.  Recently, I made another Imagination Station for a set of twins that have been friends with my twins since their Kindermusik years.  For their Station, I hand painted wooden letters using white paint and added blue and pink polka dots to make it extra special for them.


Not a day goes by that my little ones don’t ask to play with their Imagination Station.  It’s the perfect activity to keep them active and away from screen time.  My son even collects odds and ends around the house, like toilet paper rolls, to create monsters with the other items already in his Station.  It’s also perfect because there is a place for everything in the bin and the whole Imagination Station can go back on the shelf, neat and tidy, when play time ends!

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9 Responses to Imagination Station

  1. Alissa says:

    Love this!! Can’t wait to have our own imagination station when my son’s a bit older :)

    • Susan obbink says:

      Other great additions. …..scrapbook paper, tissue paper, cut up greeting cards, anything that can roll through paint (think trucks with cool wheels, textured balls) glitter, textured things for crayon rubbings…….as your son’s teacher I can tell you that he LOVES his imagination station and talks about it frequently!

    • Thank you, Alissa!! I’m sure he’ll love it!!

      • Lakiesha says:

        Glad I’ve finally found soehtming I agree with!

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