Mediterranean Baby: A Guide for the Foodie Family

September 18, 2015 • In the News, Mediternean Baby in the News, Notes from a Working Mom

Maniac Magazine Article about Mediterranean BabyBy 

“She’s a lawyer, a blogger, and a mom. While that may seem like an overflowing plate to some people, Nicole Ziccarelli thinks it’s the perfect portion. With thousands of daily readers, she covers every aspect of her life on her blog Mediterranean Baby.

The origin of the name way a natural discovery, Ziccarelli says, telling us, “I’m Greek and my husband’s Italian, and our son was the original Mediterranean Baby! He was the inspiration as I started to develop baby food recipes for him—but it’s become more than that.” A major theme you can find on her blog is that she believes that we need to start bringing the family back to the dinner table…” READ MORE HERE>

I was so thrilled to be featured by Maniac Magazine. Thank you Alyssa for the wonderful write-up.


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