Outside the Kitchen: Conscious Uncoupling vs. Divorce

March 28, 2014 • Notes from the Courtroom

Outside the Kitchen_mediterranean babyI felt compelled to write my first post about my profession as a family law attorney yesterday morning as I watched Good Morning America.   There I was watching my favorite morning show discussing the very essence of what I do on a daily basis.  Most importantly, Robin, Josh, Lara, and Amy were talking about the very essence of what I believe in my core;  the possibility of amicable dissolution of a marriage for the best interests of the children.   Of course, the best case scenario for all children is that their parents remain in love and committed to one another in an in-tact family.  However, in the world we live in today, it’s not always reality with a divorce rate in this country at 50% and climbing.  Marriages collapse and attorneys like me are called to the task of advocating on our clients’ behalf.  Some attorneys, like me, also concern themselves with the best interests of the children involved as well.  In order for couples to “Consciously Uncouple” everyone, including their lawyers have to be committed to the ideal that the only people who really matter are the children.  That takes some amazingly selfless individuals, receiving insightful legal advise, with the ability to put their pride aside and as ABC’s Josh Elliot says, “model love,” for their children, encouraging them to live a life with possibility, hope, and the belief of goodness in us all.

For all of the naysayers out there, on Twitter and other social media sites, your hasty criticisms are unwarranted.  Whatever celebrities or public figures want to call their “divorces,” if it helps their children and possibly helps others amicably resolve their differences, kudos to them.   I wish them well.  More so, I honor their modern families and their modeling of love for their children.  We should all wish everyone well in their most trying times. Life is short and we all have challenges we face on a daily basis.  Unnecessary and cruel judgement is a waste of valuable time.

As my Papou Nick used to tell me, “It doesn’t cost a thing to be nice.”  As an attorney, I can tell you, it will cost you a fortune to bypass “Conscious Uncoupling” and choose “divorce.”

Video on “Conscious Uncoupling” from  ABC’s Good Morning America Below:

ABC US News | ABC Business News


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