Piercing your baby’s ears…

July 28, 2015 • Notes from a Working Mom

Ear Piercing your baby Mediterranean Baby-4Making the decision to pierce your baby’s ears can be a tough one.  When? Where? How? Will it hurt? How much does it cost?

So many questions present themselves.  I just wanted to share my experiences with my girls to shed light on the process if you haven’t experienced it yet.

For a myriad of reasons, my husband and I both wanted to have our girls’ ears pierced when they were babies.  Shortly after the twins were born, the topic came up at one of their well visits with our pediatrician, who always has a way to make things simple and understandable based on well reasoned logic.  We appreciate his perspective greatly.

Basically, he told us that if we wanted to have the girls’ ears pierced when they were young, five (5) months of age is the perfect time to do so.  Firstly, if you’ve chosen to vaccinate your babies, which he have, they have gone through two rounds of immunizations at that point and have built up adequate antibodies.  Secondly, they are still young enough at that point that they aren’t likely to pull or tug at their new earrings and irritate their ears.  Thirdly, cartilage does not begin to form in the ear lobe until 6 months, so it makes it simpler to pierce for baby and the technician.

Ear Piercing your baby Mediterranean Baby-1For all three of the reasons he presented, we decided to have all of our girls’ ears pierced at 5 months of age.  Otherwise, our pediatrician recommended that we wait until the girls were much older and expressed an interest in having them pierced on their own.

We also asked our pediatrician where we should go to have them pierced.  It is no longer commonplace for pediatricians to do so at the office, so he recommended that we go to a piercing shop.

All three of our girls have had their ears pierced at the Piercing Pagoda at our local shopping mall.  After all, the technicians there are specifically trained to pierce ears and it is extremely sterile.  Nothing is sterilized on site, nor does it need to be, as everything is pre-sterilized and individually wrapped. Clean. Clean. Clean.

Ear Piercing your baby Mediterranean Baby-3As far as costs go, we purchased 14 karat yellow gold crystal studs ($54.98), a bottle of ear care ($2.99), and an extended service agreement in case anything should happen to the earrings ($7.99).  In total, tax included, the whole endeavor cost us $68.38.

As far as time is concerned, the whole process takes about 15 minutes from the time you walk up to the counter, choose your earrings, sign your authorization, pay, and have the ears pierced.  (Efficiency is an added bonus!!!)

After care includes turning the earrings in your baby’s ears daily and cleaning them with the ear care.  The back of the earring posts for the starter earrings are nice and smooth and shouldn’t irritate the back of their ears at all.

My suggestion is that you go with a spouse, partner, grandparent, or support buddy as it’s tough on mommies and daddies. I held all three of my girls in my lap while the technician dotted their ears with a tiny marker, agreed that the dots were in the right place on their ear lobes, and then secured their head and arms for the technician each time.  Out of an abundance of caution, I never had both ears pierced at the same time, opting for one technician to pierce one ear and then the other to get it just right.

Just remember, it only lasts a few seconds and your baby will never remember it.  We just had our little one’s ears pierced this week and she only cried for a few seconds.  She was completely happy and over the whole thing within moments and hasn’t even seemed to notice the earrings at all.  I, on the other hand, think they look fantastic and am so glad none of my girls will have to be bothered by the whole process years from now.

I hope this helps!!!

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