Twins, Eyebrow Scissors, and Guardian Angels…

November 12, 2015 • Notes from a Working Mom, Notes from the Nursery, Uncategorized

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So last night…unbeknownst to me…my dressing table became a hair salon.  Not for me…no, no.  For the twins of course.  (The picture above shows them in time-out during the aftermath.)

Over the course of five to seven minutes, I quietly nursed the baby on my bed and drifted into the utopia a nursing mom knows all too well.   It’s a babyland far removed from mommy-of-four hawkishness.  And for a few moments, I neglected to notice that the usual screams, giggles, and pitter patter of little feet had been reduced to silence.  My guard was down.  Shame on me.

Shaken and stunned by the silence, I prepared for the BOOM.

I quietly and casually walked a mere ten feet from my bed to my dressing table.  There, in all their glory, sat the twins on my dressing chair.  With my coveted Lancôme mousse blush smeared across their little faces like tribal warriors, they stared back at me.  They were stunned as well.  They were caught.

Nothing, however, could have prepared me for what lay atop my dressing table.  A tiny pair of eyebrow scissors…and large clumps of…HAIR!  Yes, they had given one another haircuts, each sporting an “Alfalfa” style bob.  One had a spike of short hairs in the front and one in the back.


In an out of body moment, I screamed.  They screamed.  And my son, rounding the corner to my room, screamed.  He screamed again when he, too, saw the hair.

At that moment, my husband came home, ran into our room, saw the hair, and stood there stunned and trying not to laugh.  (He could tell I wasn’t amused.)

This is real, people! And of course we have our family holiday photo shoot in three days and the baby’s baptism in two weeks.  Haley Rosa…I hope you can edit these frightening hairdos out of our pics!!!! (You know what they say about the best laid plans, right?!?)

Somehow, I hope and pray Gregory, Tomos, and Beth can fix their hair at my beloved Salon DeMatteo.

Until then, I will remind myself that someday, I will think this is funny.  In the meantime, I thank God for the guardian angels who protected them.

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