Top 10 Items to Pack in Your Hospital Baby Bag!

February 20, 2015 • Babies, Toddlers & Kids, Notes from the Nursery

Hospital-Bag-for-Baby-DeliveryThis post is especially for moms-to-be gearing up for delivery.

You want to be sure you’re packed well in advance, so that when the time comes, you can just grab your bag and head to the hospital.

Here is a list of items I pack in my hospital baby bag.  I hope it helps you prepare as well!

  1. Three sets of pajamas. Go out and find the most comfortable pjs you can find, preferably with a lot of stretch and a pattern on the bottom.  I say that because you are going to have a lot going on from the waist down and you want your pants to serve as camouflage if guests stop by.  I also recommend a light robe for extra coverage.  If you are planning on breast feeding, be sure your top is either made for nursing or can easily be moved around for access.  If you’re not planning to breast feed, take some very tight fitting sports bras to help you get through.
  1. Socks or slippers. Whether you are a sock or slipper gal, be sure to have one or the other.  You don’t want to be walking around the hospital room in your bare feet!
  1. Underwear. While the hospital will provide you with disposable undies (LOL), you might want to wear your own.   Go against everything you believe in and think unattractive, cotton, in a size much larger than you prefer.  Be sure to have at least one nursing bra in your bag and some nursing liners.  Again, if you’re not breast feeding, take some very tight fitting sports bras.
  1. Toiletries. I always shop in my own closet as I pack and find all of my travel supplies from vacations.  Be sure to have shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face cream, body wash, a Dove bar (although you may want your favorite body wash for the rest of your body, you’ll want the plain old Dove bar for the more sensitive regions), body lotion (Again, if you’re breast feeding, avoid using scented lotions on your chest), razor, tweezers (please don’t forget these – chances are you won’t be wearing much make-up and you may see something out of place on your face – LOL), deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. I also take a hairdryer, brush, straighter, and make-up bag.
  1. Toiletries and extra clothes for your spouse. If you’re spouse/partner plans on hanging in there with you, be sure to pack an extra toothbrush, deodorant, and at least a clean set of boxers.  I usually take the Italian uniform for Frank…you know, the track suit and a clean t-shirt! At least he’ll have the option to shower and change before he heads home.
  1. Electronics and chargers. Be sure to have your must-have items and the chargers.  For me, I pack my cell charger and my tablet.  (My husband is not an electronic kind of guy, so I take a few magazines for him.)
  1. Clothes and Shoes for going home. I always pack a comfy going-home outfit, usually black (shocker), but again, black is a great camouflage.  I also pack my sneakers in a plastic bag.  The plastic bag is clutch so you can cleanly pack up and separate the shoes you wore to the hospital for delivery in your bag.
  1. Baby Clothes/Blankets/Swaddle. I pack at least 2-3 sleepers for baby and at least 2 side-snap t-shirts for baby.  If your sleepers don’t have feet, be sure to pack socks.  Prior to birth, it sounds like a good idea to bring baby home in a full outfit, but it’s tougher to execute once baby is in your arms.  They are just so tiny and new to the world and the quicker and easier the change into their sleeper the better for baby and mommy.  I also recommend just letting them come home in their hospital hat.  It fits perfectly and keeps them nice and warm.  Pack a tiny bib as well, just in case baby is spitting up.  Depending on the time of year, take a warm or lightweight blanket to cover baby in their seat on the way to the car.  If you are a swaddle fanatic, take a few of your favorite swaddles to the hospital to use as soon as you can.  (My friend Cara swears by swaddling from day one to promote good sleep!)
  1. Baby Gear. Be sure to have your infant car seat installed and ready.  If your little one is tiny, the hospital may even need to conduct a car seat test with baby to make sure baby can handle the ride home well.  You don’t need to worry about diapers, wipes, or anything like that while you’re at the hospital as they will all be provided.  However, you may want a few extras in the car just in case you have a long ride home and baby needs changed.  Still, you could pull a Frank, and stock up from the baby cart on your way out.  One of the nurses told him that they can’t reuse anything on the cart once the packs of diapers, etc. have been opened and that’s all he needed to hear! LOL
  1. Bag/Suitcase. I prefer to take a cotton duffle bag that can later be washed.  That way, you can wash the hospital and any unwanted germs away when you come home.  However, if there’s any chance you might have to carry your bag, then take a small rolling suitcase, like a carry-on.

I think that covers the essentials, ladies!!!  Get packing and good luck!! Baby is almost here!

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