Valentine’s Day for PreSchoolers

February 9, 2015 • Babies, Toddlers & Kids, Holiday, Kids Crafts, Toddlers & Kids

PreSchool Valentines mediterranean baby-1I was asked to serve on the host committee for our son’s preschool Valentine’s Day party.

As I am certainly not the most crafty mom, I immediately went to Pinterest and started a board (Check out my Pinterest Board Here). That way, when the mom in charge of the party asked what I’d like to bring the party, I was ready to sign up for a craft.  Using an idea on Pinerest for the party craft and another for our son’s Valentines, I am completely ready for the party. (I just hope I can be there, depending on when baby no. 4 arrives!)

To start, I found such a cute Valentine’s Day love bug crown idea on Pinterest.  I think it will be so adorable to see a room full of tiny 4 year olds running around with crowns and bug antennas.
After finding the idea on Pinterest, I immediately went to my favorite online shopping source…Amazon PreSchool Valentines mediterranean baby-3Prime.  Within 30 minutes of searching, I had ordered everything needed for the classroom craft and two days later, it was all on my doorstep.
Here’s what you need for the love bug crowns…
1. White construction paper
2. Red Pipe Cleaners
3. Red Sharpie
4. Heart Stickers
5. Lady Bug Stickers
6. Scotch Tape
PreSchool Valentines mediterranean baby-2In preparation for the pary, I cut each piece of contruction paper into three equal parts, lengthwise, making sure I had two strips for each child in the class.  On one piece, I wrote out “Love Bug” with my red Sharpie.  I also attached two of the pipe cleaners with Scotch Tape to each “Love Bug” strip, one on either side of the “Love Bug” text.  Then, I paper clipped two strips of construction paper (one with “Love Bug” text and pipe cleaners, and one plain) and two sets of stickers together for each child in the class.  That way, at the party the kids can stick their stickers all over their crowns and the parents and teachers can fit them for the crowns and staple or tape them together.
PreSchool Valentines mediterranean baby-4Of course, part of the Valentine’s Day fun is passing out Valentines.  Again, I found a fabulous and simple idea on Pinerest using Teddy Graham individual packs.  I purchased two value packs of mixed flavors (all without nuts just to be safe).  I also purchased gift tags and raffia ties, which came together in a pack.  I wrote “Bear Hugs from X” on each tag and tied them around the middle of each bag.  They are so cute, the kids can eat them, and it leaves barely any clutter or garbage to deal with at home!

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